Photo credit: Sarah Mei Herman

Photo credit: Sarah Mei Herman


Even though love is embarrassing...

I've always known that I wanted to be a part of making films. That's been a certainty throughout my life, though not one I shared with a lot of people, necessarily. My other certainty was that I would never, ever, ever actually do it.

I applied to USC's film program without really telling anyone. I was closer, then, to 30 than I was to 20, and yet I couldn't shake the fear that I'd disappoint my parents by aspiring to something so "frivolous." As a first-generation Cambodian-American, the idea of going from a stable job into the unfathomable world of "Hollywood" was just absurd. So when I was actually accepted into the school, my choice to actually move to the West Coast from Pennsylvania came with much...trepidation. Am I crazy? Just because I want to do this doesn't mean I'm going to be any good! And again, I didn't really tell anyone. I just got in my car and I left.

Though I ran away from everything I'd ever known, it followed me and painted itself over everything I made and continues to do so. I arrived in LA scared, yet filled with wonder; naïve, yet jaded. I discovered new ways to be happy, but also new things that made me sad. Each story I write, though mostly unintentional, deals with shame, learning to embrace vulnerability, and the fragility of human connection, but finding a way to laugh through it all because that's what I'm constantly trying to do. And this is how DUVALL was born.

DUVALL ET AL. examines the lives of characters who struggle with how to express themselves to the people they care about. It's about facing one's mortality and needing people. It's about how, even though love is embarrassing, everyone needs to find a way to show it in their own way and to ask for it in return.


Youthana Yuos, Writer & Director